About Andrew

Hi, I’m Andrew! I’m an individual with many interests one of which has recently been for spiritual healing. I am moslty working as a freelancer in online marketing but I am also into photography, building websites like this one, traveling, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In 2014, while studying in the UK at University of Bedforshire, I discovered my love for photography and website building. I worked hard to develop my skills in these areas and eventually used them to support myself financially.

As I’ve said, I’ve been recently drawn toward the world of chakra healing and spirituality. These practices have been instrumental in my own healing journey, which is why I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’m also an avid reader of books on mythology and spirituality, which has further deepened my understanding of the topic.

When I’m not writing or practicing chakra healing, you can find me exploring new places with my camera, hitting the gym, cycling, or jogging. I believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it helps me stay grounded and energized.

I hope to inspire others to explore their own spiritual journey and tap into their creativity, while also taking care of their physical health. I’m excited to continue learning, growing, and sharing my experiences with the world!