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Can You Meditate While High? Marijuana’s Impact on Meditation

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Meditating and getting high might seem like a good idea on the surface. But is it really? While marijuana can help you eliminate bad thoughts and as a consequence enhance the meditative state, it can very well have the opposite effect. 

Can You Meditate While High – Key Takeaways

  • It’s possible to meditate while high, but it requires the right mindset and techniques.
  • Mindful breathing can enhance meditation with marijuana.
  • The right strain and environment are crucial.
  • Debunk common myths to understand the practice better.

Historical Context

Historically, marijuana has been integral to spiritual practices across various cultures. For instance, it’s been used in Hindu rituals and by indigenous shamans for centuries, symbolizing its deep-rooted connection to spirituality and meditation.

Scientific Research and Studies

Recent studies have explored marijuana’s impact on meditation. Research in the “ScienceDirect” suggests that low THC doses can foster relaxed mindfulness, beneficial to meditation.

However, higher doses might lead to increased anxiety, impacting the meditative process adversely.

Risks of Marijuana

There are studies proving the negative effects of Marijuana on the body and mind. As we see in this study from NIH, Marijuana has been linked with poor memory and poor cognitive performance, anxiety and depression, and amotivational syndrome.

Understanding Marijuana’s Effects

Marijuana, a complex plant, affects each individual differently. Its key component, THC, alters perception and experience. Effects vary by strain and dosage but commonly include:

  • Altered time and space perception
  • Increased appetite
  • Relaxation or sedation
  • Enhanced creativity or focus
  • Reduced coordination and reaction time
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Can You Meditate While High?

The answer varies, depending on experience with meditation and marijuana, the strain and dose used, and the meditation type.

Meditating while high can be challenging due to the mind-altering effects of marijuana. However, some find it enhances their meditative state, quieting the mind and deepening awareness.

Balancing Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Reduced anxiety
  • Heightened sensory awareness
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Deeper meditation


  • Increased mental chatter
  • Impaired judgment
  • Potential for dependence
  • Possible negative side effects

Guide for Beginners

If new to meditation or marijuana, start with low doses in a safe, comfortable environment. Focus on your reactions and adjust accordingly. It’s vital to approach this practice mindfully, especially when combining the two for the first time.

For those interested in trying, consider these tips:

  • Know your limits and start with small doses.
  • Choose the right strain, with Sativa for uplifting effects and Indica for relaxation.
  • Create a peaceful environment and use mindful breathing techniques.
  • Experiment to find what works for you.

Debunking Common Misconceptions

Myths about meditating while high include:

  • Marijuana always impairs focus and concentration.
  • Meditating while high lacks effectiveness or spiritual benefits.
  • Perfect focus or a quiet mind is required for effective meditation.

In reality, meditation is about observing thoughts without judgment, and marijuana has been used in spiritual practices for centuries.

FAQs on Meditating while High

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Comparison with Other Substances

Unlike alcohol or certain prescription drugs, which often dull senses and cognitive functions, marijuana can enhance sensory perception and creativity, potentially offering a unique meditative experience.

It’s crucial to consider the legal status of marijuana in your region. Additionally, be aware of potential health impacts, especially for those with pre-existing conditions affected by marijuana use.


Meditating while high is a personal choice. Understanding marijuana’s effects and approaching meditation with curiosity is key. Start slowly, be open to experimentation, and enjoy the journey of exploring meditation and marijuana together. 

Always consult with your medical supervisor before attempting any riskful practices such as smoking marijuana or even smoking while meditating.

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