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6 Most Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals

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The human body is a complex machine, with each of its individual parts working in tandem to keep us healthy and well. Although a powerful healing machine by itself, sometimes things do go wrong and our energies, body, and mind need conscious help.

Many external stressors like pollution or negative energy can have lasting effects on our physical and mental well-being. It’s at times like these that we turn to the natural world for assistance. In this post, we will have a look at some of the most powerful crown chakra crystals to help heal yourself from the top down.

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How do you know if the crown chakra is blocked?

The easiest way to identify a damaged Sahasrara chakra is by the traits they bring out in you. A strong symptom that suggests you need some crown chakra protection is feeling anxious or obsessing over things that don’t really matter.

If your thoughts have become irrational, or you’re unable to let go of past mistakes, it’s likely that your crown chakra is blocked and these most powerful crown chakra crystals can be of great help to you. Other symptoms of a blocked crown chakra are the inability to concentrate on your work or studies, or unable to live in the moment and always thinking about the past and the future.

Most powerful crown chakra crystals kyanite - crystals stacked together randomly

Blue Kyanite: Good Starter Crystal for Crown Chakra Protection

This first crystal for crown chakra healing and protection is formed from a combination of blue and white crystals, making it a very visually stunning crystal.

Blue kyanite is an excellent crystal for unblocking and opening the crown chakra. It’s particularly good at helping you release negative energy and letting go of the past, which can be very beneficial to help restore your crown chakra.

Blue kyanite is also a very good crystal for those who suffer from anxiety; it can help you to stay calm and rational in any given situation and is often recommended to those who are new to using crystals for healing. It’s very easy to work with and has a very high vibration.

It’s often used as a decor piece because of its striking appearance but you can wear blue kyanite as a necklace, or keep it close by in a bowl or on your desk.

Add blue kyanite to your crystal selection with this beautiful titanium-coated kyanite crystal. Great for gifting as it comes in a well-thought package and more.

Lapis Lazuli: Rationality in Times of Fear and Uncertainty

Lapis Lazuli is our second most powerful crown chakra crystal. It’s particularly helpful for those who suffer from irrational fears, anxiety, or constant worry. It is very supportive to help let go of the fear that’s holding you back from doing what you want.

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue crystal with flecks of gold running through it. You can use lapis lazuli as a decorative piece, or you can use it in any number of crystal grid designs. If you feel like you hit a wall in your life then you have to try Lapis Lazuli and help unstuck yourself and move on calmly without fear and worry.

If you like the benefits of the lapis lazuli crystal you might like this Beautiful Lapis Lazuli Healing Necklace Crystal that you can wear every day and even share as a gift with the ones you care for.

Gold: Energy and Optimism

Gold is a wonderful crystal for those who feel constantly worn out and low in energy. It’s a very vibrant stone that’s known to boost your energy, helping you to reach your full potential. If you are pessimistic and anxious by nature then you should try to wear some gold on your body as it is a stone known to ‘lift your spirits’.

Also, if you are not sure where to go next in life I believe Gold can help you manifest and attract what you want out of life. It’s known to help you ‘break through’ any mental blocks that are keeping you stuck and can help you to see things more clearly.

You can use gold in a wide variety of ways, including wearing it as jewelry or storing it in a bowl on your desk (just be careful not to drop it!).

Copal: Wellness and Self-confidence

Another powerful crown chakra crystal for those that have crown chakra imbalance symptoms is Copal Crystal. It’s known to bring feelings of wellness and self-confidence, helping you to see the best in yourself and realize that you can take control of your future.

Copal is a very ‘grounding’ stone and can help you to stay safely rooted in the present moment. It can also help you to let go of any self-doubt and ‘self-criticism’ that may be holding you back. If you feel like you need to break free and finally move on towards a better future then Copal is another great crystal that can deal with these symptoms related to a crown chakra blockage.

Pyrite: Empowerment For Stressful Times

Pyrite is another powerful stone that’s excellent for helping you to stay ‘grounded’ during times of stress and anxiety. It’s a very protective stone that’s known to protect you from negative energy and can be particularly beneficial to those who work in ‘high-stress’ environments, such as public servants or emergency workers.

If you feel like you need to take control of your energies and that you are easily affected by others’ negative energies then you have to use Pyrite crystal as this is another great crystal that can help alleviate symptoms associated with a weak crown chakra.

Oftentimes mistaken for Gold, Pyrite can be used as a decorative piece, or you can find it as a necklace or bracelet and wear it as an aesthetic piece that also has healing and protective properties.

Use this natural pyrite cluster in your room or office and experience the many benefits that Pyrite crystal can offer for your crown chakra and your willpower.

Amethyst: A Great Crystal for Healing Your Crown Chakra

One of the most powerful crown chakra crystals on this list, Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that’s excellent for those who suffer from insomnia, or who find that they’re unable to let go of the day and relax when they hit the pillow.

Amethyst is known to be very ‘healing’ and can help to clear out negative energy that may be affecting your crown chakra. If your crown chakra is ‘blocked’, amethyst is one of the best crystals to help heal and protect your Sahasrara and improve your energies and emotions.

Having the specific color associated with the crown chakra, Amethyst is purple and can be found as a bracelet, ring, or necklace. The prices can vary from cheap to expensive but the benefits are well worth it.

To heal your crown chakra and help yourself in challenging times use this healing necklace with tiger eye and amethyst crystals. Wear it every day and you should shortly start experiencing its benefits.

Final words

There are many crystals to heal this subtle but powerful chakra and enhance your life naturally from the source. Whilst these are not all the crystals that are known to help your crown chakra they are probably the best ones to consider for healing your crown chakra with crystals.

What are some of the crystals that you have used and experienced their healing properties? Let us know in the comments section and help others make a good decision in getting their crystals to help heal their crown chakras or any other chakra.

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