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History of Reiki Healing and How Reiki Works

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History of Reiki

Reiki as it is known today originated in Tibet, but the practice itself is thought to be older than Buddha or Christianity. Dr. Mikao Usui, the one that rediscovered and founded this healing method was born into a family that was practicing Tibetan Zen Buddhism for eleven generations. The story goes that after being close to death by disease Mikao had a spiritual experience that inspired him to study the ancient teachings of his family.

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He discovered some healings that were using the power of one’s own hands to help heal people’s health issues. Tokyo was struck by the cholera epidemic at that time in the mid-1800s. Although he knew the technical aspects of the practice he needed to gain the wisdom required to be able to learn and teach it. Mikao Usui decided to learn the art of this teaching to help the people of Japan, the place he was living at the time.

Therefore, after 21 days of fasting, reading, prayer, and meditation on top of the mountain he asked God to show him the light. He was then struck unconscious by a ray of light right on his forehead, on the Third Eye Chakra.

When he regained consciousness he knew that he had found the key that he was looking for. The story says that as he proceeded down the mountain he cut his toe and by touching his toe with his own hands the pain and bleeding stopped. This way healing himself for the first time using the power of what was soon to become Reiki.

After many healings on many people in Tokyo, he decided to go to the slums of Kyoto and heal the beggars to get them working. After seven years he learned that it is not enough to heal just the body. The reason why beggars were not working was not because of physical ailments. The beggars were not working because it was easier to beg than to work.

This motivated Mikao to retreat and meditate once more. This time he was enlightened with the Five Principles of Reiki. Following that he spend the rest of his life trying to teach and spread his healing teachings and principles which were to become what is known today as Reiki healing therapy.

Happily, he tried to not attach any religion or dogmas to it so that anyone can have access to the healing power of Reiki. Important to note that the practice at its core was not new for the time.

The principles of this healing therapy were being used even before Christ or Buddha. Dr. Mikao Usui however, was the one to pack it and distribute it in a way that everyone can use it and experience the benefits, rather than relying on word of mouth.

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What is Reiki

It is important to know that Reiki is not just a tool for healing. Reiki also has the potential to offer you healing, protection, and transformation on all levels.

Even if you want to do it only on yourself this will bring peace and balance into your life. If you use Reiki every day to heal yourself it will become stronger and more profound. It is also believed that Reiki therapy can extend your life.

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The Forgotten Ki Energy

The Ki energy is the energy that holds all things together in the universe. As intelligent beings, we work as antennas to channel this energy and use its healing powers. Think of it as the dark matter of the universe without which no microscopic life and not one planet would be able to contain itself as a body.

The Ki energy is referred to as Chi in China, as Prana in India, and in the western world is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

Ancient cultures were aware of the Ki energy that harnesses our bodies and every living being. Today we mostly forgot about it and we rely mostly on technology to help us when we are dealing with physical or emotional issues.

The Ki energy needs to flow properly in and around our bodies if it is to maintain stable and sound health. Whether you are aware of this gift or not, this energy flows through us since the moment of birth.

When we were young our parents came and kiss and touch us when we hurt ourselves. We also use our hands to heal the pain by placing our hands on the sore spot. Unconsciously we make use of this energy to heal ourselves.

Now let’s have a look at how to protect yourself and your ki energy by looking at what weakens your Ki energy.

What Weakens the Ki (Chi) Energy

  • excessive alcohol
  • poor diet
  • lack of exercise
  • drugs
  • tobacco
  • negative habits
  • stress
  • poor breathing
  • lack of sleep and rest.

When we feel negative emotions such as stress the flow of energy is blocked. When the Ki life energies are low we are more prone to sickness and disease.

The Ki energy is neither good nor bad. It is the source of all life carried in the universe. Anyone can access this energy and release its healing benefits for others and for oneself through the Reiki practice.

How Reiki Works

There are seven main energy centers in our bodies that control the flow of life energy. These are called chakras and are like wheels that make the Ki energy flow properly. When these chakras are blocked or unbalanced the energy flow is diluted.

The physical and mental are affected negatively if this happens. Reiki is the practice that rebalances the chakras and makes the body and mind available to the Ki energy.

Just as we do not see radio waves with the naked eye, similarly the life force is not visible but we know it is available everywhere. Even though it is omnipresent we are not 100% attuned to it.

Because of the way we feel and think and what we put into our bodies most people only use 10%-20% of their life energy. One of the benefits of Reiki is that once the patient receives healing the possibility of him healing again stays with him his entire life.

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Final Words

In this article, we learned about the origins of reiki and the history behind it. Although it is believed to be invented by Dr. Mikao Usui, it is 2000+ years of practice. However, without the experiences and determination of Dr. Mikao Usui, most likely Reiki would not be reaching us today and maybe would have been completely forgotten.

The Ki Energy, or Prana, or Chi is the energy that gives life to all things. It is what sustains everything in the universe, it is the space of the universe that sustains everything else from a grain of sand to an entire galaxy. Reiki can make us more attuned to this infinite energy and use its power to heal us spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

In principle, Reiki can sound very simple, but certain steps and processes need to be done by a professional initiated in the practice. If you want to learn more you can check about the benefits of Reiki and you can even learn online how to practice Reiki and heal yourself and heal others as well. Today there is even the practice of Reiki distant (absent) healing which can also be effective in many cases.

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