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Top Blocked Heart Chakra Healing Techniques

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Today, stress is something that most of us have to deal with regularly. It’s not easy living in this modern fast-paced world, and our minds and bodies are constantly bombarded with harmful energies. people, crowded spaces, and even sounds are all more than our bodies can handle optimally.

While it’s normal to feel stressed or unhappy at times, letting these emotions take over your life can be destructive and further block your heart chakra. To help you break out of the negative patterns we will have a look at heart chakra healing methods to help your mind, body, and spirit.

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What is the Heart Chakra

The fifth chakra is known as the Anahata, it’s located in the center of your chest, between your third and fourth ribs. In Eastern philosophies, this chakra is associated with love, compassion, and empathy.

When your heart chakra is in balance, you feel more love for yourself and others, as well as experience peace and harmony on a universal level. However, if this energy center isn’t functioning optimally, you might notice symptoms such as loneliness, paranoia, or anger.

What does a blocked heart chakra feel like?

A blocked heart chakra might make you feel disconnected from other people. You might also feel like you’re lacking motivation or self-esteem. You may also experience feelings of loneliness or fear. If the heart chakra is blocked, you may find it hard to love yourself, and you might not be able to truly love others either. You may feel like you have no direction in life and that you’re just existing rather than truly living.

A blockage in the Anahata can also cause feelings of guilt and regret and you may not be able to let go of negative emotions and thoughts. These emotions linger inside you, making you feel unhappy and trapping you in a cycle of negativity.

What weakens and blocks the heart chakra?

If you have a lot of negative emotions inside you, they can weaken your heart chakra and prevent it from functioning properly. It’s important to learn how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way. Avoiding negative thoughts and feelings will only make them linger inside you.

You need to find ways to release your emotions so that they don’t become a burden. Exercises such as yoga, meditation, or speaking out your feelings can be helpful. You can also surround yourself with positive people and keep away from toxic influences.

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6 Effective Blocked Heart Chakra healing exercises

  1. Share your feelings with someone or at least write them down on paper – you may feel like you have to hold all of your emotions inside, but this is not healthy. You need to find someone you trust and let out your feelings. Whether you choose to speak out your feelings or write them down in a journal, expressing your feelings can be a powerful healing technique for a blocked heart chakra.
  2. Practice compassion – When you open your heart to others, you can experience compassion and love. This can help you strengthen your heart chakra and prevent you from feeling disconnected from others.
  3. Meditate – Meditation calms your mind and helps you focus on positive thoughts and feelings. It can also balance the energies of your chakras and promote healing.
  4. Visualization – This is another helpful technique for balancing your chakras. When you visualize healing white light entering your heart chakra, you can promote positive change and heal any issues.
  5. Create an altar – An altar can be a great way to express your emotions and connect with your higher self. You can create an altar with pictures, items, and affirmations that inspire you.
  6. Go outside – Feeling connected with nature is another great way to strengthen your heart chakra. Getting outside, even if it’s just for a short walk, can help you feel more grounded and restore your emotions.

What foods are good for the heart chakra?

There are also foods that can support the healing of a blocked heart chakra. Certain foods and a diet focused on this energy center can also be a blocked chakra healing method while also preventing it from getting blocked again.

These include red peppers, sweet potatoes, apples, and oats. Make sure to get enough vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, vitamin B, and calcium, which can also help with heart chakra healing. Another way to improve your heart chakra and general health is by drinking more water. Water is essential for not only your physical health but also your mental health.

Essential Oils incenses good for the heart chakra

  • Lavender – This oil calms your mind and helps relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. For the best value and quality ratio try this top seller of Lavender essential oil.
  • Ginger – This strongly scented oil can help to promote feelings of security and self-love. It can also help to ease feelings of loneliness. Hard to find a good quality cheap one, but as a start, you can’t go wrong with this Ginger essential oil from Gya Labs.
  • Benzoin – This oil can help lift your spirits and banish feelings of negativity and sadness. Rare oil to find indeed, one of the few Benzoin essential oils is this seller here.
  • Myrrh – One of my favorites, this oil can help to ease feelings of self-doubt, making it ideal for your heart chakra. Another hard to find you can’t go wrong with this Myrrh essential oil from Sun Essential Oils brand.
  • Patchouli – This earthy-smelling oil can help to promote feelings of self-confidence and inspire your creativity. For a good quality-price ratio have a look at this well-rated Patchouli essential oil.

Other quick ways to heal the Anahata chakra

  • Start a journal Journaling can help let out your emotions. You can use your journal to process your feelings and find ways to heal your heart chakra.
  • Sleep more – Sleeping enough can help you manage your emotions and prevent them from becoming too overwhelming. You can also use meditation and guided visualizations while you’re sleeping to promote healing.
  • Cultivate gratitude – One way to find more positive emotions within yourself is by cultivating gratitude. When you’re grateful for the things you have, you’re less likely to focus on what you lack.
  • Exercise – Getting enough physical activity can help you to release negative emotions and regulate your mood. It can also strengthen your heart chakra and make you less prone to heart disease.
  • Take advantage of the power of Anahata healing crystals. Use crystals such as Peridot, Emerald, and Rose Quartz. For a low-priced quality purchase have a look at this beautiful crystal pyramid with Peridot, Tiger’s Eye, and Orgonite.

Final words

Heart chakra healing is all about putting love into action. It’s about shifting your perspective from the limited viewpoint of your head to the expansive view of your heart. When you open your heart and grow in compassion for yourself and others, you raise your vibrational frequency.

Using these heart chakra healing techniques will also help you to let go of the things that weigh you down, like negative emotions and bad habits.

What about your experience with the heart chakra? Have you already tried any of the heart chakra healing methods above? Are you going to try any? Let others know in the comments section and help everybody here improve their lives.

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