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Top 5 Crystals Good for The Third Eye Chakra

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If you feel out of sync or have a general feeling of disconnection as if you are a passerby rather than a player – it’s a sign that your third eye chakra needs some attention.

In this quick article I will share the best crystals to use for third eye chakra. We’ll do a quick dive into Ajna Chakra basics as well other techniques to tune up your third eye chakra and get back on track.

Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye chakra sits on the forehead, between the eyebrows. Its qualities are intuition, inner vision, imagination, or psychic abilities. When balanced, it creates a strong connection to your inner wisdom, making trusting your instincts a breeze. If it’s blocked or imbalanced, confusion, indecisiveness, and a lack of clarity may take over.

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Why a Balanced Third Eye Chakra Matters

An aligned and open chakra lets you tap into your inner wisdom, connect to your instincts, and make sound decisions.

Keep in mind; all chakras are interconnected. If one is blocked, it can affect the others. So, nurturing your third eye chakra positively impacts your overall well-being.

Quick Third Eye Chakra Crystals List

  • Amethyst: Known as the “stone of intuition,” it enhances spiritual awareness and promotes relaxation.
  • Lapis Lazuli: A deep blue stone for spiritual awakening, enhancing psychic abilities, and stimulating intellectual ability.
  • Clear Quartz: A powerful energy amplifier, known to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.
  • Fluorite: A colorful crystal that clears mental fog, enhances mental clarity, and promotes spiritual growth.
  • Sodalite: Enhances intuition, creativity, and spiritual awareness, stimulating the third eye chakra and psychic abilities.
  • Azurite: Enhances spiritual wisdom, psychic abilities, and stimulates the third eye chakra.

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More Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Blue Kyanite for Intuition and Inner Connection

Blue Kyanite is a very powerful stone that can help you to open your third eye chakra. It can help you to connect with your intuition, which is a very important tool, especially if you find yourself at crossroads in your life.

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Using Chalcopyrite to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Not a very common crystal but Chalcopyrite is another on this list of crystals good for the third eye chakra. Chalcopyrite is actually a magnetic stone that can help to open the third eye chakra. Chalcopyrite can help you see patterns where others may see chaos.

Can also increase the flow of energy throughout the body, and clear blockages in the meridians. The crystals are also used to enhance clairvoyance and remote sensing.

Not an easy-to-find crystal, you can get Chalcopyrite stones here. Use it in your office or in your meditation and relaxation room to maximize its benefits.

Using Lapis Lazuli to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Another of the best crystals good for the third eye chakra and even crown chakra is Lapis Lazuli. Its high vibration opens the mind and allows for insights to flow.

There are different ways to use Lapis Lazuli to open your third eye chakra. One way is to meditate and relax your body with breathwork. Another way is to place it under your pillow or between your hands when you sleep, as this will stimulate the energy flow.

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Using Sugilite to Connect to Higher Forces

Sugilite is a good crystal for your third eye chakra. To use it, hold it and think of a white light coming from the stone into you. This can make you feel more connected to greater forces and give you a clearer idea of what to do next. Also, using this crystal often might help you develop special abilities like seeing things others can’t.

To harness the power of this crystal try out this South African round beads bracelet. Wear it every day, during sleep, and during meditation to help harness its health benefits

Using Rose Quartz to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

Rose quartz is another great crystal for the third eye chakra. Often called the “stone of illumination,” it helps to enhance inner vision. It can also aid in opening your third eye by activating the pineal gland. This gland makes melatonin, which controls when you sleep and wake up.

Because melatonin levels fluctuate throughout the day, it can be challenging to maintain optimal sleep quality even if you get enough hours in bed. However, rose quartz helps to regulate melatonin levels so that you can fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

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How Do Third Eye Chakra Crystals Work?

Crystals operate by vibrating at specific frequencies corresponding to energy centers in the body, such as the chakras. Placing crystals on or near the third eye chakra stimulates and balances the energy flow in this area.

How to Use Third Eye Chakra Crystals for Healing

Various methods include placing crystals on or near the third eye chakra during meditation or sleep, carrying a crystal throughout the day, or wearing it as jewellery.

Other Methods to Heal Ajna Chakra

  • Meditation: A powerful tool for balance and opening the Ajna Chakra. Daily meditation cultivates a deep sense of awareness, focusing on the third eye with visualisations of a blue or purple light.
  • Breathwork: Also known as pranayama, deep, slow breathing through the nose brings clarity to the mind and balances energy flow. Techniques like alternate nostril breathing stimulate the third eye chakra.
  • Yoga: Certain postures like child’s pose, downward dog, and dolphin pose stimulate and balance the Ajna Chakra, enhancing your third eye activation.
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, and sandalwood can balance and activate the Ajna Chakra. Apply to your temples or diffuse for a calming effect.
  • Mindfulness: Being present in the moment aids Ajna Chakra balance. Notice the world around you and focus on the present, avoiding worries about the past or future.
  • Journaling: Writing helps release emotional blockages hindering the third eye chakra. Journal your thoughts and feelings for clarity and balance.


In a nutshell, third eye chakra is about taking a step back from the hectic world and reconnecting with your deeper self. Take the time to explore the best crystals and practices that resonate with you.

Let’s help spread the word about spiritual health and balance. What crystals are you using for your own healing? What other methods and techniques help you feel more in tune? Sharing is healing! Namaskar. 🙏

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